5 Conditions That Can Cause Blurry Vision

5 Conditions That Cause Blurry Vision

Blurry vision is a frustrating experience that can make everyday tasks difficult and raise concerns about your eye health. Blurry vision may even lead to significant harm or injury if it occurs while driving. Executive Eye Care in Houston, TX, can diagnose and treat multiple causes of blurry vision in patients. We are here to tell you five conditions that often cause blurry vision and how we can treat or manage them.

Refractive Vision Errors

Refractive vision errors are some of the most frequent causes of blurry vision. These conditions include:

•             Nearsightedness: Trouble seeing things far away

•             Farsightedness: Difficulty seeing things near you

•             Astigmatism: Irregular cornea shape that causes blurry vision

•             Presbyopia: Trouble seeing things close to you as you get older

Our optometrist can diagnose and treat refractive vision errors during your eye and vision exam. We can prescribe eyeglasses or contact lenses that correct your vision.

Dry Eye Syndrome

This condition occurs when your eyes produce low-quality or insufficient tears to lubricate your eyes. Several factors can contribute to dry eyes, including extended computer use, eye allergies, and wearing contact lenses. Our eye doctor treats dry eyes with eye drops or punctal plugs. We can also prescribe specialized contacts for dry eye sufferers.

Eye Infections

Difficulty seeing in one eye may indicate you have an eye infection, especially if accompanied by eye pain and discharge. Eye infections can occur due to scratches, bacteria, and allergens. Our optometry team can evaluate your eyes during an eye exam and recommend treatment to alleviate symptoms. This may include medication and at-home remedies you can use to help your eyes heal.


Glaucoma is a significant eye disease that causes gradual vision loss over time. Increased eye pressure leads to optic nerve damage, resulting in vision loss and even blindness if left unmanaged. Regular eye and vision exams with our eye doctor are crucial for diagnosing this condition early. We can prescribe medications to reduce eye pressure and refer you for surgery if necessary.

Underlying Medical Conditions

Did you know your physical health can impact your eye health? Conditions like diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and migraines can cause blurry vision. Our optometry team can identify underlying health issues during an eye exam and recommend ways to manage your condition.

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