Ocular Trauma

Ocular trauma can be a serious situation; in fact, it is one of the leading causes of vision loss in developed countries. While many people go to the emergency room for treatment, getting an eye exam is an important part of care. Experts like Executive Eye Care in Houston can provide specialized care to ensure your eyes stay safe and healthy.

Ocular Trauma

What is Ocular Trauma?

Ocular trauma is any situation that results in a physical injury to the eye. This could refer to a foreign body like a piece of glass, exposure to chemicals, or bacteria. It could also involve blunt force trauma to the eye or eye socket.

Examples of Ocular Trauma

There are many reasons someone might need to seek emergency care for their eyes. Here are a few leading causes of ocular trauma.

- Foreign Bodies: One common type of ocular trauma is foreign body exposure. This happens when a small item such as a piece of wood, glass, metal, or sand gets stuck in the eye. This may lead to a scratched cornea or loss of vision, so it’s vital to get immediate medical care.

- Scratches: Scratches on the eye can occur from trees, animals, or by accident from other people or objects.

- Blows: Blows to the eye are common, especially in children. This might happen during a sports game, during a physical altercation, or a vehicle accident.

- Chemical Burns: Eye trauma can happen from exposure to chemicals. Usually, this happens due to accidental contact with household cleaners, but may also be related to workplace chemicals or other situations.

- Bacterial Infection: In some cases, exposure to bacteria may be considered ocular trauma. This can happen because of improperly cleaned contacts or accidental exposure to diseases like pink eye.

How is Ocular Trauma Diagnosed?

During your eye appointment, your doctor will conduct a physical examination of your eye. In some cases, they might conduct an ultrasound to determine if there is internal bleeding, retinal detachment, or a foreign body lodged in your eye.

What’s The Treatment?

Treatment of ocular trauma largely depends on the type of issue at hand. It can range from medication and support to procedures to remove foreign bodies. Because it can be so varied, it’s vital that you be seen in an office by a qualified eye doctor, who can make a recommendation for treatment.

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