Computer Eye Strain

Computer eye strain is also called digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome. The cases of people suffering from this condition have been rising due to the rise in people working from home or attending online classes. Although the names of this condition may sound scary, it is treatable with help from an optometrist. At Executive Eye Care in Houston, TX, we have been treating digital eye strain for many years.

Computer Eye Strain

What is Computer Eye Strain?

People who have to stare at a computer or digital device screens all day, such as people who work from home, experience a variety of vision problems lumped under the label of computer eye strain. Their eyes cannot handle the amount of screen time. Since the average worker spends seven hours a shift in front of a computer or other device, this means that people with computer eye strain cannot get their work done.

Symptoms of Computer Eye Strain

The most common symptoms of digital eye strain are eye pain, headaches, dry eye, blurry vision, and pain in the neck and shoulders. Other symptoms include double vision, more tearing than usual, itchy eyes, and red eyes. These symptoms usually lessen once you look away from a screen for a while.

Preventing Computer Eye Strain

Make sure there is enough light in your workspace. Your eyes need to work harder in dim light, even if the screen is bright enough to work by. Every twenty minutes, look away from the screen for twenty seconds and focus on something far away. Children get eye strain quickly and may need more frequent breaks. Use artificial tears several times a day to help prevent dry eyes. Blinking more frequently can help produce more tears. Enlarge the print on your computer or device to make reading easier.


Symptoms of digital eye strain are similar to other conditions like cataracts. If you wear glasses or contacts, you may need your prescription changed. It is recommended to see an eye doctor to make sure that your vision problems are from staring at computer screens and not something else.

Treating Computer Eye Strain

After an optometrist gives you an eye exam to rule out other possible causes of your eye strain, your eye doctor may suggest wearing blue light glasses, or glasses that help filter out blue light from screens that may cause eye strain. Some people also benefit from vision therapy or eye exercises. You may also need an anti-glare screen for a computer. Your eye doctor will be able to give you advice on how to better position your computer to minimize eye strain.

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