At Executive Eye Care, serving Houston, TX, and the nearby region, we understand the complex structure of the eye and see firsthand how eye health issues and vision deficits affect our patients. As optometry experts, we help people ward off eye problems, slow the progression of potentially blinding eye diseases, and see as clearly as possible. We can help achieve this through our broad spectrum of services. 

Comprehensive Vision Screenings 

Using a specialized device used to magnify letters in different powers, our optometrist will determine if you have a vision deficit and to what extent. This assessment helps our eye doctor determine if you need contacts or glasses and their power. 

A portion of this optometry exam might also include a test for astigmatism. During this part, our practitioner might hold up two images, one after another. You'll have to identify which one appears clearer. They may be a series to help ensure we assess your vision at different meridians. This allows our practitioner to determine the severity and whether you need standard contacts or glasses or specialized ones for your condition. 

Eye Health Exams

Usually performed during your routine annual visit, an eye exam consists of our practitioner evaluating the inside of your eye. Part of this is the test for glaucoma that assess the pressure in your eyes. This can be important because catching glaucoma early can help prevent permanent damage from being done to your eyes.

Contact Lens Fitting 

A contact lens fitting consists of our optometrist taking different dimensions of your eyes. Based on these measurements and your prescription, we can help pair you with contacts that fit into your eyes and optimize your vision to the best of their ability. If you have moderate to severe astigmatism, we may recommend special lenses, which can help to correct your vision more so than a standard pair of contacts. 

Eyeglass Fitting

If you want eyeglasses in addition to contacts, or only eyeglasses, we can help you can pick out the rims you prefer, and we can have your prescription inserted, giving you the best of both worlds -- style and eyesight. 

Ocular Disease Management 

If you should happen to have an ocular disease, such as glaucoma or cataracts, our eye doctor can either provide you with treatment, monitoring, or a combination of both. We can also help refer you to an eye surgeon if we think it is necessary. 

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