Retinal Detachments

The retina is a piece of tissue in the back of your eye. You have one retina in each eye. It's located close to the optic nerve, and once light reflects on it, it'll then process the information and will relay it to the optic nerve. It's a light sensitive tissue that may separate from it's designated location, causing an issue known as retina detachment. If you are at risk of retinal detachment, our eye doctor at Executive Eye Care, serving Houston, TX, and the nearby region, can help you to know the signs in order to prevent permanent vision loss. 


General Information 

Retinal detachment occurs when one of your retinas pulls away from the back of the eye. As the retina separates, it no longer receives nourishment and oxygen. As the retina goes without those nutrients, it'll affect your vision. The worse the detachment, the worse your symptoms. It's also important to know that when it separates completely, you can suffer from full vision loss that isn't reversible. 


While retinal detachment might not cause any pain, it will cause you to have visual disturbances, such as seeing floaters. You might also see flashes of light, a shadow over your field of vision, and a reduction of your peripheral vision. You might also experience blurred vision. 

Risk Factors 

Some people are more at risk for retinal detachment than others. For instance, your risk increases when you reach the age of 50. Your chances of it may increase if you had a retinal detachment in the past or have a family history of it. The people with an extreme case of nearsightedness have a greater likelihood of it. If you had an eye surgery or injury, your chances of this issue increase. 


Our optometrist will ask you questions about any symptoms you're experiencing. Then, our eye doctor will perform a retinal examination, which consists of our practitioner looking into your eye using a magnifying device. Our doctor then can look inside your eye and check the retina for any abnormalities, such as holes, detachments, or tears.  


You'll likely need to have a surgical treatment if a detachment is discovered. We cannot perform surgery but we can recommend someone who can. 

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We at Executive Eye Care, serving Houston, TX, and the general vicinity, can help if you have questions about retinal detachment. It's important you take notice of the symptoms early and get help as soon as possible to prevent long-term complications. If you think you are at risk of retinal detachment, contact us for an appointment by calling (713) 225-2600.