Contact Lens FAQs

Common Questions About Contact Lenses

Have you been considering contact lenses? Chances are that you have plenty of questions you’d like to have answered before taking the leap. Our team at Executive Eye Care in Houston has answered some of the most common questions below to help. 

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How often do I need to replace my contact lenses?

The answer to this question depends on the type of contacts you choose. There are wear schedules that range from one day to 30 days. Your optometry specialist can help you choose the best routine for your needs.

How long will it take me to get used to wearing contact lenses?

It really depends on which contacts you choose. Soft contacts are often comfortable almost immediately, while other options might take weeks or more to become comfortable. There are some people who never get comfortable with contacts, but this doesn’t happen very often.

I’ve heard it’s a pain to take care of contact lenses. Is that true?

Like anything else, it’s a process you have to get used to. You’ll need to clean and replace them according to the guidelines for the contacts you choose. You’ll also need to take them out before you get into any type of water, as well as before you sleep – unless your lenses are designed to be slept in.

If I run out of contact solution, can I just use water or saline?

Please avoid water and saline for cleaning. Water, regardless of its source, is full of bacteria. That bacteria can become trapped between your lenses and your eye, which can cause infection. This is why you should avoid swimming, showering, and other water-related activities while wearing them. Saline is not a disinfectant, meaning that it’s not going to get rid of germs, bacteria, and other undesirable substances on your contacts. It’s essential that you use a contact lens solution.

My child wants contacts. Is that a good idea?

Many people think that age determines whether or not a child can wear contact lenses, but their level of maturity and responsibility play much bigger roles. If you feel that your child is responsible enough to take care of the contacts, there is typically no reason not to let them. You, your child, and your optometry specialist should work together to make the best decision.

Can I really get an eye infection from wearing contact lenses?

Yes, but this typically only happens if you don’t follow the care guidelines. As long as you keep them clean, change them out regularly, give your eyes time to breathe, and don’t wear them in water, your risk of eye infection due to contacts is minimal.

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