Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

There’s no question that, for many, contact lenses are a preferred choice versus eyeglasses. They allow a person to retain a natural appearance while still providing the eyesight clarity needed for reading or seeing distance, depending on the patient. However, contact lenses don’t always work easily for every person. Different eye conditions can create obstacles when trying to wear contact lenses. Instead, sometimes the lenses can irritate the eyes and make things worse. Specifically, contact lenses can make a dry eye condition worse. Fortunately, this problem can be addressed too. We at Executive Eye Care in Houston, TX, are here to help. 


How Dry Eye Happens

Dry eye involves the eye’s inability to produce sufficient tears. Eye moisture is essential; it provides lubrication for movement as well as protection. We might temporarily feel dry eye sensations if too much blown air hits the eye surface or if we’re dehydrated. However, when a dry eye condition sets in, the problem creates irritation, and even mucus production. It also affects vision by causing blurriness, light sensitivity, and over-watering. This last part can be confusing, mainly because the eye is overproducing moisture but it’s not actually helping the dry eye. It seems like the opposite of dry eye, but excessive tearing is also a symptom.

Dry Eye and Contact Lenses

Problems with contact lenses and dry eye can happen. As soon as the problem begins after starting contact lenses, a wearer should update his or her optometrist if he or she wants to get relief from dry eye quickly. If dry eye has already been diagnosed, it is a good idea to disclose the matter before being prescribed contact lenses as well. We can prescribe lenses that might not cause as many problems with dry eye.

Get Contact Lenses for Dry Eye from Our Optometrist on Our Optometry Team

If you're struggling with contact lenses in Houston TX, our optometry office at Executive Eye Care can help. With confirmation via an eye exam, our optometrist can help you find a better solution for combining contact lenses with dry eye without the constant and burning irritation. You don't need to just struggle. Your contact lenses are supposed to help you see, not make it harder. Give us a call at Executive Eye Care in Houston. Our optometry team can help with directly addressing dry eye. Call us at (713) 225-2600 for more information.