Macular Degeneration


Macular degeneration is a severe eye condition that primarily affects adults over 60 years old. As a progressive disease, it's crucial to have preventative checkups with an eye doctor. At Executive Eye Care in Houston, TX, we provide optometry services, including treating ocular diseases. 

Understanding Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is sometimes referred to as AMD or age-related macular degeneration. It's an eye disease that affects central vision because the macula has slow deterioration. The macula is the central part of your retina. While you typically don't go completely blind from it, normal tasks like reading books or going for a drive can be challenging to perform with macular degeneration.

Forms of Macular Degeneration 

There are two main forms of macular degeneration:

  • Dry macular degeneration- This is the most common form, as it slowly develops over time. There isn't a known cause for why it happens, and there are often no symptoms early on.
  • Wet macular degeneration- This is a less common form but far more severe. It can occur when blood vessels underneath the retina begin to leak fluids or blood. It can become quite dangerous and lead to significant vision loss.

Signs of Macular Degeneration 

No two patients are alike when it comes to symptoms of macular degeneration. However, common symptoms can include:

  • Blurry or cloudy vision
  • Blind spots in central vision
  • Difficulty recognizing faces that you're familiar with
  • Straight lines appear to be wavy

Any of these symptoms should be followed immediately by a visit to our optometrist. We can help establish a plan of care to help you prevent further vision loss. Individuals should also be aware of the risk factors of AMD. People at a higher risk of macular degeneration include older adults, smokers, and those with a family history. You will also be at a higher risk if you have other pre-existing conditions, such as hypertension, obesity, or high cholesterol. 


Treating macular degeneration depends on the type you have. Treatments can include diet changes, laser surgery, or intraocular injections. Our optometrist will work with you to decide which method is best for you. In the meantime, always keep up with preventative care with eye appointments for optimal eye health. 

Visit Our Optometrist for Quality Eye Care in Houston, TX

Macular degeneration can be a stressful and challenging condition to deal with. It is important to take care of your eyesight as you grow older so that this condition does not become a severe issue. We are here to help at Executive Eye Care. Our optometrist has the training and experience to diagnose and manage retinal disorders such as macular degeneration. If you need help dealing with this condition or want to learn more about our services, don't hesitate to contact us today.